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Tainan Astronomical Education Area


Most astronomy museums were located at the north and middle of Taiwan before. That reduces the educated opportunities for the students in the south. Therefore, Tainan County government decided to construct an astronomy museum. In 2002, Danei was selected to the site of “Tainan Astronomical Education Area (TAEA)”. TAEA provides astronomical sources for the local teachers and students.
Site Survey
In the beginning, there are 9 sites to be selected. After consulting experts, Erxi Danei was finally chosen. The north sky temple kindly provides the site without charge.
Erxi Danei has many advantages.

  1. It is about 110 meters above sea level. It is also close to the Zengwun River, so its view is not blocked. In addition, light pollution is low.
  2. There is a plateau which is suitable for observatory.
  3. The site is provides by the north sky temple without charge. Local people are willing to cooperating.
  4. It is close to freeway and expressway, so it is convenient to go there.
  5. Tsou Ma Lai Farm is nearby, and can provide accommodations and ecological tours.


TAEA is located at a hilltop of Danei. There are 3 buildings and many trails, which are environmentally friendly. The first building is the observatory constructed during 2004 and 2006. The construction budge of the observatory came from Tainan County. It started to use on January 1 2007. After that, TAEA got budges from Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan and Ministry of Education for the constructions of the astronomy exhibition hall, planetarium, platforms, and trails. The main constructions were completed in 2012.
In 2010, Tainan city and Tainan County were combined. Therefore, TAEA and Tainan Children’s Science Museum were merged into Tainan Science Education Museum. TAEA was started trial operation on February1 2013, and was officially opened on June 29 2013.
Main Features

  1. Our planetarium has the first 3D omnimax theatre in Taiwan. It can show you virtual starry sky, and inspire you to know more about astronomy.
  2. We have a 76 cm telescope, which is the largest telescope on level ground in Taiwan. Its dome is 9 m in diameter, and looks like a pearl on the hilltop. In addition, there are BRC250 and MEADE-12 telescopes. In the daytime, you can observe sunspots. At Saturday night, you can observe planets, nebulae, and clusters with telescopes.
  3. Visitors can see the meander of Zengwun River, river terrace, and mudstone in the Moon World. You can also see the highest Jade Mountain. There are trails around TAEA. You can walk along the trails and visit Chinese Begonia which is native plant in Taiwan.
  4. At Saturday nights, we guide visitors to explore the night sky by 9 pm. If it is clear at night, you can watch stars. TAEA is the only astronomy museum, which you can enjoy the night sky. We are constructing Danei township as a star’s hometown.