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Special Exhibition

Special Exhibition

【Treasure Island ─ Make A Breakthrough】 Exhibition

【Treasure Island ─ Make A Breakthrough】 Exhibition

2018/06/16 - 


Somewhere on a planet in space, there is a Treasure Island which hides loads of precious treasures. Are you ready? Let’s go on an adventure!

About the Exhibition:

  1. There are seven interactive displays that require one token to activate.
  2. Displays that require tokens will dispense tickets according to the final score.
  3. Prizes can be redeemed with the tickets. The prizes are shown at the entrance of the special exhibition.

Space Launch CenterExplorers, start your training at the Space Launch Center and improve your space-living skills! International space stations have zero gravity, so how do astronauts live there?

  • What they wear: most astronauts wear comfortable homewear.
  • What they eat: pre-packed liquid foods drunk through straws.
  • Where they sleep: in secured sleeping bags so they don’t float away.
  • How they do laundry: water is very precious in outer space, so usually astronauts don’t do laundry. They wear clothes made of special materials.
  • How they exercise: daily exercise is essential so their bones and muscles stay strong.

Lost in SpaceWhere is Treasure Island? Explorers, let’s brave the outer space and find it! The map will tell us where to find Treasure Island. Let’s figure out the six clues!

  1. It is in a special galaxy.
  2. It orbits around a hot and bright star.
  3. There are eight planets in its planetary system.
  4. It has a moon orbiting around it.
  5. It has a mysterious shine
  6. It has active atmospheric motions.

【 Landing on Treasure IslandCongratulations! You’ve finally found Treasure Island on this beautiful planet. Let’s look for the precious treasure that can help us survive! Treasure Island has the right amount of sunshine, air, and water. Why are these elements so important to life? Let’s find out! Water is the most important of all three essential elements. Where will the water drops go?

Exploring Treasure IslandTreasure Island is filled with surprises, let’s find the precious treasure! Nature is wonderful! Let’s take a walk in the wild and see all the amazing natural sights! Look at the beautiful starry night sky. How much do you know about it?

ConclusionThe most precious treasure in space is – Earth. Did you guess it? The precious and valuable Treasure Island is actually Earth! Currently scientists haven’t found another planet that is suitable for human beings to live on, so Earth is the only home we have. How will you protect it?


How many tickets did you win? Don’t forget to redeem some prizes at the service center at the 1F of the Planetarium!

【Exploration to Fantastic Mars】 Exhibition of Virtual Reality (VR)

【Exploration to Fantastic Mars】 Exhibition of Virtual Reality (VR)

2017/06/24 - 2018/05/06

        Based on Interactive Virtual Reality (VR) Technology, a secret road to the advanced and unprecedented space trip is paved. In this exhibition, three special themes are designed for you to step into the space. It includes Space Snap Station, Space Training Center and Planet Defender.



Space Snap Station】Are you ready to become an astronaut? Strike a pose and take a fantastic photo for this adventure. It must be an interesting journey.

Space Training CenterAre you confused about being an astronaut? It is not an easy job to become a professional astronaut. Do you possess the essential knowledges about fundamental theories, physical fitness, flying techniques, survivability and agricultural skills? Every time you complete a mission, you will go one step further into the space.

 Planet DefenderTake your star warship and hit the road! Maybe you have been fascinated with space and always wondered about the mysteries of space, but don’t forget the dangers of the space. In this war, your shooting skills will be challenged. For people who like exciting adventures, never miss this hit virtual reality (VR) game, which applies the virtual reality technology and makes you feel like in the space!

【Biomimicry innovation to our future】 Exhibition of Creative Bricks

【Biomimicry innovation to our future】 Exhibition of Creative Bricks

2016/01/23 - 2017/04/04

Earth is the only known planet with life in the universe now . Astronomers have found out that the asteroid 101955 is likely to hit Earth in AD 2182 and it may cause massive extinction. Scientists from various countries decide to use the latest technology to set up a "BIO" space team which aims to turn Mars into a suitable place for human to emigrate in the future. To build a city on Mars as soon as possible, BIO space team take the “ bionic “ as a core concept and invent organism of environmental-friendly materials. This building materials feature fast combination , easy dismantling and sustainable use. The inspirations of the inventions just come from “blocks”, the children’s toy on Earth. Now let us use the "blocks" to build our own “BIO” future world!


【Bionic City】 Take “Bionic” concept as a base to the buildings and learn the co-existent ways with nature to create future city for humans by using blocks.

【Space Work Station】 In the space work station, humans look for the suitable places to live among stars and explore the possibilities of existence of life in the universe.

【 Block Laboratory】 It’s a space for everyone to explore, and you can use blocks to create equipments and facilities needed for future world from everyone’s inspired creativity.

【Future Life】 To demonstrate the scenes of humans’ future life by enlarged blocks. Humanity Technology not only brings convenience to our life, but also achieves the goal of making good use of energies.