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Stars, Touching Your Heart

TAEA is welcoming all the families to our 2019 exposition- Stars, Touching Your Heart, where astronomical knowledge becomes interesting, informative, and touching to you. Hearing enchanting stories of stars under the tree enriches every starry night in your life. Cosplaying mythological characters like Thor or Artemis enhances your family bond in enjoyment. Being trapped in Black Hole Chamber, you must answer questions in time and find your way out. If escaping from Black Hole Chamber isn’t challenging enough for you, how about competing with other teams to complete astronomical missions and earning prizes? That will definitely excite you and your friends as well.


For children and teachers, TAEA has developed 36 sets of astronomical courses, which will be being demonstrated on site. Don’t miss this great opportunity of observing how astronomical knowledge can be taught and applied to daily life in an inspiring way. What’s more, DIY toys make seemingly complicated knowledge easy to children and parents, leaving all the members of a family a joyful and knowledgeable memory of a Sunday in astronomy.


Come to Tainan Municipal Jhongyi Elementary School on Dec. 1st, 2019, and let stars touch your heart from 9:00 to 16:00.


Special features:

1. 36 sets of systematic teaching materials are the first and the only in Taiwan in astronomy education.

2. Learning astronomy through children’s teamwork and brainstorming is like playing games.

3. Learning opportunities for teachers in an inspiring way is the highlight.           



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